About shinymonkey

shinymonkey is a games development house, based in Edinburgh in Scotland.

Our first game, Leila and the Little Folk, was launched in April 2014 for Android devices, and is now available for iPhone and iPad.

We're very proud to say that it has been nominated for the British Academy Scotland New Talent Awards in 2015.


Leila and the Little Folk is our first game to be officially released. You can find out all about it here.

Work is ongoing on what will be our next game : Max and the Martians. It's still early days but the plot's coming together and we have a few scenes up and running.

Making games at shinymonkey

If you're interested in the game development process, why not have a look at our Making Of... section for information on how we went about developing Leila and the Little Folk.

Contacting shinymonkey

You can find us on Facebook and on Google+.

If you'd like to email us, then the details are as follows:

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