Hints and tips

This page contains hints and tips for some of the puzzles you will encounter when you play Leila and the Little Folk.

Click on a question below to get some help. But use with caution! Solving the puzzles is at least half the fun...

If you have a question that isn't answered here, please drop us an email at support@shinymonkey.co.uk and we'll do our best to help you.

I can't make Leila do what I want her to do!

To move Leila around, simply tap where you want her to go.

To go through doors, up stairs, etc., hold your finger down on the door/stairs for a short while and a menu will pop up showing what she can do.

You can use the same 'long press' for other things, like examining objects, picking things up, talking to people...

I've just started the game, and I don't know what to do!

Always do what your Mum tells you. Well, not always, but this time at least.

Mum said it was time for bed, so perhaps you should listen.

Your bedroom is upstairs. Should be easy enough to go to bed...

Where is Sad Dog?

If you had lost something, and looked everywhere without finding it, what would you do?

Maybe somebody else knows where Sad Dog is...

Speak to Mum. Mums always seem to know everything.

I'm in the tunnel under the tree. How do I get through the door?

What does the door say when you try to get through it?

It says "recite the rhyme". Maybe you need to read it a poem.

Where might you find a suitable poem? Might be worth asking around.

Dad might have some suggestions.

How do I find the right book?

If you're trying to find a book, ask a librarian.

You need to know what you're looking for, though

If only you knew the name of Tick's fairy kingdom! Maybe there's a sign somewhere.

Look above the door in the tunnel under the tree. There's a sign there. You just need to be able to read it...

How do I get the book out of the library?

Are you sure you need to?

Maybe you only need a part of the book...

Maybe it doesn't even have to be the original part of the book.

A copy would probably do...

How do I distract Miss Fenchurch?

Have you tried talking to her about everything? Maybe she'll give you some kind of clue.

Ask her how she's doing. Maybe she'll mention something that she likes, that you could get for her.

She's a big fan of tea. And she's run out. Maybe you could get her a cup...

Check under the sink in the kitchen. There's something there that you could use to carry tea in.

Dad keeps kicking me out of the study on Saturday afternoon. How do I get in?

You can't.

At least, not while he's there.

Maybe he won't be there later on...

Did you speak to Mum when you got back?

Mum says it's time for bed. Perhaps she's right...

Nobody will be around if you get up in the middle of the night.

What's the deal with the letter?

If the letter gets sent the way it is, then the park is going to get dug up.

You don't want that to happen (do you?), so you need to change what the letter says.

Melthus gave you something that should help. Use that on the letter.

If I select the quill in Leila's backback, it won't let me use it with the letter in her backpack!

You need to read the letter, then while you're reading it, bring up the backpack and select the quill. This will take you back to the letter, where certain phrases can now be changed.

I've changed it but it's still not right!

There are three sections you need to change in the letter - make sure you've got them all.

The correct solution does not involve the Macarena.