Thank you, free software!

The internet is full of kind and generous people who want you to use their software, and don't even want any money for it. And while you're at it, you can have their expertise for free as well. It's far too easy to forget how amazing that is.

Leila and the Little Folk was made entirely using free software (with the exception of the operating system, but there's always Linux if you want to pick nits). Here's what I used:

Actually writing a game

There's nothing quite like getting something up and running, and the Lunar Lander example that comes with the Android SDK is pretty much the 'Hello World' equivalent for Android games.

It introduces the basic framework for getting an app up and running on your device, and specifically introduces the basic behaviour that most games exhibit - looping round as fast as they can, continuously doing three things:

This formed the basis of what eventually became the shinymonkey game engine.