Something to aim for

Initially I tried to focus on building out the game engine by thinking of all the different capabilities which various types of game would require of it. Some were obvious, such as

and so on. After a while, however, it became apparent that in order to ensure that the engine was genuinely providing the facilities that a real game would need, I needed to write a real game.

Rise of the Robots

My first idea for a game was called 'Bot', featuring a robot whose spaceship had been blown up above a planet. He began the game as a disembodied head plummeting towards the planet below.

Working on Bot helped me to work out a lot more of the functionality that I required from the game engine, such as:

Having added all of that functionality, and constructed a couple of simple playable levels, Bot kind of ran out steam (I think the release of Machinarium might have contributed to its demise. It's hard to imagine doing lost robots on strange planets better!)

So, I needed a new idea.