If you like word games, then you'll probably like Wordily.

With five different modes of play, there's something here for every word puzzle fan.

Work your way up through the increasingly challenging levels of Word Circle or Word Blocks, or enjoy the endless variations of timed challenges in Grid, Drop and Shower modes.


Here are some shots of the game in action.

The title screen

Word Circle mode

Word Blocks mode

Shower mode

Grid mode

Where can I get it?

At the moment, you can't! Our testers are hard at work making sure it's ready for you to play.

Watch this space - it should be available in the coming months on the Apple App store, Google Play and Amazon App Store.

What can I play it on?

Wordily is designed to work on mobile devices. It will be available for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and Android tablets.

We've built our game engine to work with Android 2.3 and later, and with iOS 7.0 and later.